Long bead crochet necklace

I already wrote about crochet necklaces are my favorites now. I do mostly short thick rope. But I have a few long necklaces. This a bead crochet necklaces - transformer or lariats. A lariat necklace is traditionally a very long (45-70"/115-180cm) rope necklace.

Monochrome rope for me is not interesting. So all my long necklaces have many colors and shades beads, which are established in different patterns.

This transformer can be used as a choker, and as long necklace, and as a bracelet, and as a belt. Lots of options.
For example,so

or so

 Lariat necklace is a great way to make a unique jewelry!

blue necklace
This a bead crochet necklaces - transformer a great addition to the evening dress as well as to everyday clothes.
Handmade beaded jewelry can also be a great gift for any occasion.