Leather jewelry and accessories

Leather jewelry and accessories has been associated only with punk and rock music and some similar subcultures for a long time. However, recently more and more people realize that it is not. Leather jewelry and accessories are gaining more popularity not only in the fashion world, but also in everyday life.
After all, a properly fitted bracelets, earrings, brooches, rings and necklaces leather emphasize the individuality of any girl or woman. Not to mention the other accessories such as belts and bags.
As well leather jewelry and accessories are very popular among men. In my opinion, leather is the most suitable material for jewelry and accessories for real men.

Leather - one of the oldest materials used by humans. For example, the Indians of North America almost all household items were made of leather (clothes, bags and shoes etc).

The main Leather jewerly was then bracelet. Leather bracelet originally considered exclusively masculine accessory. Leather bracelet for men's wrist symbolized strength, power and authority , so wearing it was only allowed to rulers , soldiers , and members of noble families. Ordinary people who do not have ranks and titles , categorically forbidden to wear bracelets or other jewelry. Of particular importance mens bracelets leather had for soldiers. They put themselves before the fight , because they believed that they are not only a sign of courage and strength, but also act as a talisman that protects against the evil eye evil, misfortune and disease. Women began to wear these ornaments after began to take part in the fighting along with the men.
Nowadays leather bracelets lost their former significance and become versatile and stylish accessory.

Now we may see jewelry in all shapes and sizes. These may be made of leather cord and decorated with semi-precious stones or other pendants, or they may consist of thicker strips of leather that have designs in them.

 Belts, hair accessories and bags are more commonly categorized as accessories than jewelry items. However, each of these categories contains innumerable leather items that are decorative enough to be considered jewelry in their own right.

Men’s leather jewelry items tend to focus on bracelets and cuff watches. Men’s and women’s leather jewelry pieces are generally quite similar. The major difference is that men’s pieces are generally larger and sturdier, while women’s items tend to be more delicate.

Leather goes well with many natural materials, as well as metal, stone, plastic, glass, etc.
If you have a bit of creativity and a knack for craft projects, you may want to try your hand at making your own leather jewelry and accessories. So, you will become the happy owner a unique product.