Smoky Quartz earrings

Simple earrings with smoky quartz (Rauchtopaz) gemstone beads.

Smoky Quartz earrings

As a talisman, smoky quartz helps its owner to master the accumulated wisdom of mankind, to develop a natural ability to attract luck, success, sympathy surrounding people :)


Castile Soap

Castile soap is named after the Castile region in Spain, which made ​​it the first time soap.

Natural Handmade Soap

My castile soap made ​​only from olive oil of high quality, without the addition of other oils.


summer handmade jewelry

Hurray, cold winter is coming to an end!
So, soon the summer and vacation and the sea!
I suggest you try summer handmade jewelry.
For example, simple and light but at the same time, noticeable earrings.

brass earrings, dangle earrings
leaf design copper earrings

Pink Grey lilac earrings
Pink Grey lilac earrings

heart earrings, Chain Earrings
Chain Earrings

And jewelry in a nautical style that never goes out of fashion.
For example, like this bracelet
Beaded crochet bracelet in marine style

On the origin of marine style, there are several opinions.
I like the theory, where the birthplace this style is considered  Britain 19th century. The popularity of this style began with the royal family. At the insistence of Queen Victoria, her son Prince of Wales Albert Edward wore the uniform of a naval officer. His manner of dress borrowed rich and noble courtiers. Style gradually spread throughout the UK and gradually conquered all of Europe.
According to another version inventor of this style was the legendary Coco Chanel.

Why marine style of dress and jewelery draws us to himself?
Yes because it gives us a feeling of lightness, freshness and youth. From it emanates tenderness, romance and travel.


Black Clay Handmade Soap

Black Clay, Natural Soap, Handmade Soap, Hot Process Soap, homemade soap, for Troubled Skin, organic soap, Facial Soap, Black soap

 Natural Handmade Soap with Black Clay

 Black clay gently cleanses the skin from dead cells and impurities, absorbs excess fat, accelerates the regeneration process. Nourishes the skin with minerals and biologically active substances, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation. Tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Reduces inflammation, dries and eliminates acne. Prevents the appearance of comedones.
Essential oil of wormwood suitable for daily care of oily skin problem. Removes a variety of inflammation, helps to restore the skin, eliminates acne and purulent rash.

 INGREDIENTS: Water, Olive oil, coconut oil, corn oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), Black clay, Essential oil of wormwood .


Pink silver Necklace

statement necklace

Gentle and romantic necklace.

 made ​​from Japanese seed beads #15
diameter of the ball about 0,7 inches (about 18mm)


Silver Necklace


Elegant silver necklace  with balls made ​​from Japanese seed beads #15.
Suspended on a silver color chain. 

So simple and so feminine.


Beer Soap

This beer soap was handcrafted using a beer and scented ginger fragrance oil.
Handmade Soap
Beer - a unique source of vitamins B, trace elements and minerals that promote good skin regeneration and increase its resistance to the negative effects of the environment. Hops cleanses, soothes and softens the skin. Thanks to the make up the oil is suitable for everyday use, does not dry the skin.

This soap can be used for washing hair.


National Park "Orlovskoe polesie"

In our region there is a National Park "Orlovskoe polesie" (Orel woodland).

This National Park was created in 1994 to preserve the unique community of the South Russian taiga and occupies about 80,000 hectares. The park is the largest growing forests in Orel region ( pine, spruce , oak , linden, aspen , maple).

In the park there are representatives of vegetation -steppe zone : crested dove , sweet spike , bent thin, sleep-grass , purple and laburnum Kozelec Russian , you can find specific types of northern forests - common juniper , wintergreen umbrella , maynik bifoliate , blueberries , lycopodium clavatum , starflower European and shamrock.

Inside a national park reside 174 species of birds, 49 mammalian species, 26 species of fish.

In the park can easily find capercaillie, grouse, lynx, deer, wild boars, deer, beavers.
In winter, many hoofed animals are kept near the feeding point, where them easy see.

For today the park is home to over two hundred bison.

Also in the Park is a complex where the animals live in aviaries.  It differs from many other zoos that its spacious aviaries built right into the pine forest and the animals are given comfortable living conditions. The fact that the animals comfortable in such conditions, says that many of them regularly produce offspring: Przewalski's horse, bison, bison, guanacos, wild boars, deer, lynx, wolves and many others have already bred in the zoo.

National Park - this is not the state reserve. On it you can move around by car, fishing, pick berries and mushrooms.
In the Park is very nice and the winter and summer.

Our family goes there quite often because my mom lives there and a lot of relatives.


Handmade Sea Salt Soap

This salt soap with essential oil Clary sage - a great tool for skin care.
Handmade Soap

Soap with sea salt mechanically removes the top layer lifeless of the skin, and at the same time strengthens and nourishes young skin cells, removes toxins.
Sea Salt possesses remarkable moisturizing and smoothing properties.
Another plus of salt soap is in the fact that it has very soft foam.
Clary sage essential oil promotes skin regeneration, prevents wrinkles, helps keep your skin young and healthy. Regulates the sweat glands, is a natural deodorant. Relieves excessive sweating of the feet.
Water, coconut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, avocado oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), sea salt
Fragrance - clary sage essential oil.


Milk Soap

Gentle natural milk soap without dyes and flavorings

Handmade Soap
Milk, Olive oil, coconut oil, corn oil, palm oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (lye)
Fragrance Free

Handmade spring jewelry

Outside the window, snow, and we are more each day waiting for spring.
We want to get rid of dullness and drabness, to fill our lives with light and bright colors, and feel the real spring mood!
And since we are girls, the spring handmade jewelry to help us.
Spring - a young green grass and the first flowers. Therefore, in the first place in the spring of fashion jewelry are original necklace with colorful flowers, earrings and rings in the shape of flowers.
bangle flowers pink

Chic Flower Bib Necklace

gypsy earrings

Plastic bracelets one more spring trend in jewelry
Blue Flower Bracelet
Raspberry Red Faceted Resin Bangle
Green turquoise chunky round bangle

Very popular spring handmade jewelry with ethnic motives.
Here stone and bone jewelry and metal spikes, and exotic leather weave strings, and an abundance of coral and turquoise.
Bone Ring
Spike Spiked Necklace
African waist bead necklace
Today jewelry made ​​of beads, plastic, textile, metal, leather firmly gained popularity. You can pick up a decoration for every taste and wallet. Or you can make jewelry yourself.
Jewelry should be plenty! That's the motto of all fashionistas.
When choosing handmade jewelry for yourself listen to your heart.