Handmade jewelry (part 4), Unusual jewelry

Today I have prepared a selection of unusual jewelry.
Their unusual and in the materials used, and in appearance.
Perhaps you will see here the idea to create handmade jewelry and can make similar jewelry itself .

* The handmade paper beads of this necklace have been created using yellow corrugated cardboard to create beads.
Paper beads

* Vintage zippers are creatively transformed into beautiful necklace and bracelet.
zipper necklace and bracelet

* This necklace is a combination of shades of green vintage buttons and crystally clear beads on wire.
Frosty Evergreen Vintage Button Necklace

* This stunning necklace is made with deep patina copper wire and copper elements with drops of clear swarovski crystals.
Muerte de mar Necklace

* A Handmade and unique scarf-necklace.

* Pendant from polymer clay, including a painted glass eye and silver plated bail.
Eyes of the Seasons Collection

* Steampunk computer board chip part On Domino pendant / necklace total geek.
Steampunk Pendant

* These funny and cute two part earrings penguin of polymer clay will draw you so much attention and get so many compliments!
penguin fake gauge

* Polymer clay & wire brooch with one hematite bead.
brooch - Lovers -face

* This carnivorous bouquet of black and purple venus flytraps makes a surprisingly elegant necklace...
Unusual 3d Printed Jewelry

* It comprises the strength of steel and tenderness of cross-stitching.
Cross-stitch Metal Bracelet

* Unique design made out of crocheted tubes using cotton yarn in two colors of ivory white and sky blue.
Crochet Tube Jewelry

* These unique antlers were made of pure, soft 100% Merino wool.
Felted Necklace

Today everyone wants to have unusual, original and unique handmade jewelry.
It's no secret that handmade jewelry not only helps to create a stylish and trendy image, but also to tell others about you.