Pink black white gray crochet bracelet

Pink black white gray Beaded crochet bracelet with Abstraction design

 Length of 20 cm (8 in.), diameter 12 mm (0.5 in.)
length of the inner circumference 17 cm (6,7 in.)


Bracelet - jewelery for hands and feet.

Bracelets from ancient times used to decorate the hands and feet .
In ancient times bracelets are widely used in men and women in ancient Egypt, Rome, India , Greece, Africa.
Romans depicted on bracelets snakes , lions , emblems, branching patterns. The Greeks - leaves, gods, etc. The ancient Egyptians did engraving on jewelry with images of supernatural beings.

For centuries, people have experimented with forms of bracelets, and materials for their manufacture.
Bracelet And now is one of the popular of jewelry. For creating bracelet uses different materials, so the variety of these products is limitless.

There are several types of bracelets:
in design - hard and soft
by the method of locking - zippered shut latch, hinged on the buttons, velcro
on the material used - metal, textile, plastic, leather, rubber, silicone, wood, stone, beads, glass

Bracelet in the form of an open ring - resilient bracelet, does not have clasp.
Statement silver cuff

Beaded Embroidery

Round bracelet (rim) - in the form of a closed ring.

Silver Filigree Bangle

Resin Bangle

Chain bracelets - units fastened together in a different way.

multi-chain bracelet

Slave Bracelet

Tennis bracelet - thin bracelet, inlaid with precious stones
crystal turquoise tennis bracelet

Swarovski crystal tennis bracelet

Anklet (jewelry for the feet)
Sterling silver anklet

Gold Nomad Barefoot Sandals

And still there are: Bracelet Watch, Bracelet mitt, Bracelets style Pandora Bracelets with pendants, snake bracelet, Braided Bracelets, Glidernye bracelets, and many others....