summer handmade jewelry

Hurray, cold winter is coming to an end!
So, soon the summer and vacation and the sea!
I suggest you try summer handmade jewelry.
For example, simple and light but at the same time, noticeable earrings.

brass earrings, dangle earrings
leaf design copper earrings

Pink Grey lilac earrings
Pink Grey lilac earrings

heart earrings, Chain Earrings
Chain Earrings

And jewelry in a nautical style that never goes out of fashion.
For example, like this bracelet
Beaded crochet bracelet in marine style

On the origin of marine style, there are several opinions.
I like the theory, where the birthplace this style is considered  Britain 19th century. The popularity of this style began with the royal family. At the insistence of Queen Victoria, her son Prince of Wales Albert Edward wore the uniform of a naval officer. His manner of dress borrowed rich and noble courtiers. Style gradually spread throughout the UK and gradually conquered all of Europe.
According to another version inventor of this style was the legendary Coco Chanel.

Why marine style of dress and jewelery draws us to himself?
Yes because it gives us a feeling of lightness, freshness and youth. From it emanates tenderness, romance and travel.