Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay

In February of 2014 in Sochi ( Russia ) will be held 22th Winter Olympic Games.

Olympic Torch Relay and the Sochi 2014 is the longest and most ambitious in the history of the Olympic Winter Games.

 Yesterday, January 14, stage the Olympic torch relay was held in my city of Orel.

More than 140 torchbearers carried the Olympic flame through historical, cultural attractions and sports facilities Orel.

To the bowl of the Olympic flame , set in the main square of the city , the fire was brought to the bobsleigh sleds.

 A final chord was the fireworks celebration .
Olympic Torch Relay in Russia launched October 7, 2013 and will end on February 7, 2014.
During 123 days the Olympic torch relay torch in the hands of the Games athletes overcome more than 65,000 miles on cars, trains, planes, as well as Russian troika and reindeer on the front of the 130 million inhabitants in 2900 localities in Russia, will visit the capitals of all 83 subjects of the Russian Federation.
In addition, the Olympic torch visited the North Pole , at the bottom of Lake Baikal , on top of Mount Elbrus. One Olympic torch (but not fire) was in space.

Left before the Olympics 23 days.