Spasskoye-Lutovinovo, Turgenev's estate

I think that many people know the name of the Russian writer
Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev (1818 - 1883).
His novels "Dvoryanskoye Gnezdo" (Home of the Gentry),
"Nakanune" (On the Eve),
Otsy i Deti (Fathers and Sons),
Zapiski Okhotnika (A Sportsman's Sketches, or The Hunter's Sketches),
and many others have become classics of world literature.

Ivan Turgenev was born into a family of Russian land-owners in Oryol, Russia.
I was lucky, that the house of the great writer -estate located just 50 kilometers away from me.
And my family has been there several times already.

The first thing you meet when visiting the estate - this chapel and church.

The main wealth of the museum is the memorial house of Turgenev, with being in it a priceless collection of authentic Turgenev things , keeps alive the memory of the great Russian writer. Carved figured verandas, immersed in the greenery of ivy, small windows and porches mezzanine , suite of rooms and the interior - the whole appearance of the house helps to get into the spirit of Turgenev time.

Around the manor house on 40 acres is a magnificent park with a pond. Since the founding of the park remained about 2,000 lindens, ash, maple, spruce, oak, elm, birch, silver poplars. Park in the Spassky-Lutovinovo retained the characteristics of ancient manors and is considered one of the most beautiful manor parks Russia.

Not far from the house, near the beginning of the central alley grows a mighty oak, which is over a hundred and fifty years. Its planted in childhood Turgenev

In addition, to our days on the estate preserved Stabling and Carriage House.
And you can even go for a ride in a carriage:)

Overall, we had an interesting and fun at the Spassky-Lutovinovo