Handmade soap

I made ​​for myself a little bit of handmade soap.

Handmade soap

Yes, except that I do handmade jewelry, I can to make handmade soap.
And I love it, for several reasons.
First, it is fascinating.
Secondly, it is only natural ingredients.
Thirdly, the handmade soap is useful because when properly selected recipe it can solve some skin problems.
For example, my skin is dry and prone to couperose. And industrial soaps that I used, dried and irritated my face, hands and body. Three years ago I decided to replace the industrial soap on handmade soap. And it has helped my skin.

So, how do I make my handmade soap?
There are several processes handmade soap making.
1) melt and pour which uses a pre-made base that you melt and add fragrance and color too.
2) cold process, when mixed oils and lye together, but doesn’t add any additional heat. The saponification process makes its own “heat” and the soap is ready to use only through 3-6 weeks.
3) hot process soap, when mixed oils and lye, and then adds extra heat to jump start the saponification process. You can use this soap the next day.

I do not like to wait long, so do hot soap method. The process looks something like this.
-Think over the soap recipe. Necessary to have some knowledge about the properties of the oils. For today's handmade soap I picked olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Because only these oils were found in my house :)
-Calculates the required amount of ingredients using soap calculator.

 -Oil weighed and heated them at the "water bath"

-Weighed lye and water (part of the water has been previously frozen).

-Mix water and lye.

-Mix oil and lye dissolved in water. Oils and lye solution need to be the same temperature before mixing

-Mix with blender until trace (it becomes the consistency of pudding)

-I cover and put the pot on the "water bath"

-Over time the soap will look shiny and translucent. 

-Stir gently, scraping bottom and sides of pan. When the soap mixture begins to look like mashed potatoes, i remove it from the "water bath".

-Adding colorants and fragrances. I added green tea extract, so the soap has become brown color. Then I spread soap mixture into prepared mold.

-Allow to cool. Cut into bars.

-After 1-2 days you can enjoy the handmade soap. But it is better to give a complete rest for about a week.

 Handmade Soap Making is a very rewarding and relaxing hobby.