Bead crochet necklace - my love

A little over three years ago, I was fascinated by jewelry from beads.
Began to try to weave and embroider bead.
Survived my first photo beaded jewelry.

Then I saw a photo on the Internet with beaded crochet ropes. 
I wanted to try to make jewelry in this technique.
And that's what I then worked.

As you can see, my "firstborn" were not original :)
Next, in my opinion, it went much better
Initially I made ​​a necklace for patterns found in the Internet.
Little did I know that soon I'll paint scheme itself

 More complex patterns and color combinations

And finally, I began to paint itself to the scheme necklace

This is my love story in the pictures to the beads.
It just so happens that today, crochet beads is my favorite pastime.
I like the process of inventing a new product, and the process of crocheting.
I also like it when jewelry to delight their new owner.

My new works of beads you can see on Etsy

I hope my story was interesting and not too tiring :)