Handmade spring jewelry

Outside the window, snow, and we are more each day waiting for spring.
We want to get rid of dullness and drabness, to fill our lives with light and bright colors, and feel the real spring mood!
And since we are girls, the spring handmade jewelry to help us.
Spring - a young green grass and the first flowers. Therefore, in the first place in the spring of fashion jewelry are original necklace with colorful flowers, earrings and rings in the shape of flowers.
bangle flowers pink

Chic Flower Bib Necklace

gypsy earrings

Plastic bracelets one more spring trend in jewelry
Blue Flower Bracelet
Raspberry Red Faceted Resin Bangle
Green turquoise chunky round bangle

Very popular spring handmade jewelry with ethnic motives.
Here stone and bone jewelry and metal spikes, and exotic leather weave strings, and an abundance of coral and turquoise.
Bone Ring
Spike Spiked Necklace
African waist bead necklace
Today jewelry made ​​of beads, plastic, textile, metal, leather firmly gained popularity. You can pick up a decoration for every taste and wallet. Or you can make jewelry yourself.
Jewelry should be plenty! That's the motto of all fashionistas.
When choosing handmade jewelry for yourself listen to your heart.