Minimalist bracelets

Bracelets - accessories with a long history. They appeared in the Middle Ages. Over the years they changed the shape and configuration, without losing its popularity.

Bracelets can not only effectively complement an evening dress, but also to brighten your everyday look.

Thin graceful lines, nice subtle colors, moderation decor - this bracelet made ​​of beads.

Coral bracelet
black bracelet

pearl white bracelet

khaki iridescent matte bracelet

Summer season - while opposites. Par with fantasies on punk culture in vogue lacing - a clear reference to the hippie movement. At the peak of concise bracelets thick or thin leather cords, multiple variations on the theme of baubles and floss strands of yarn.

urquoise blue bracelet

white bracelet

orange summer bracelet
All this will allow you to create an unusual and memorable look